How to choose kalimba Resonant Box or Flat Board ?

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How to choose kalimba Resonant Box or Flat Board ?

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A kalimba instrument is something you may have seen but have never completely understood what it was, where it came from, or even what it was called. All though it is called something different depending on where it comes they all come together based on the unique shape and sound that the kalimba is known for.

Thumb paino can be classified as a sort of small piano. They are relatively easy to learn how to play and can be something fun to learn and experience. Plucking the notes is easy and learning the notes can be just as simple. The kalimba is overall a unique and entertaining instrument for a lot of people.

Below you can find even more awesome facts about that, how to tune , as well as the basics on how to play.


What is Kalimba?

A kalimba is a musical instrument that originally came from Africa. This particular musical instrument is known under many different names, such as kalimba, mbira, or even thumb piano. This certain type of musical instrument makes music when the metal tines are plucked with your thumbs. This causes vibrations that essentially turn into the musical sounds that you hear.

It is a relatively small instrument meant to fit nicely in someone's hands. The main part of the body of the instrument known as the resonance box is made out of wood and is turned into a hollowed box. This causes the distinct sound that the thumb paino gets from the vibrating of the metal tines through the hollowed box.

The unique look of this is classified into two different categories. There is a resonance box type of the flat board type. Each are still classified as a kalimba but are separated into two different categories based upon the way it resonates sound. The different designs resonates sound differently because of the appearance of a sound hole or the lack of a sound hole.


Resonant Box or Flat Board?

Like mentioned above, there are two different categories or types of it. These include the resonant box and the flat board. The difference between the two is the appearance of the sound hole and the lack of a sound hole. The resonant box has a sound hole. The sound hole creates different sound effects that can be more manually encouraged by covering or uncovering the sound hole.

One the other hand, the flat board does not have a sound hole. Usually the sound is smaller, but the timbre is clearer and the treble is more perfect.

Resonant box Kalimba or flat board Kalimba are two different styles. I suggest you try both.

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